If you have any questions relating to eBay, PayPal or VCC and need a quick answer, please read our FAQ’s below and if it’s not listed here either contact us HERE or via our Live Chat Feature.


eBay and PayPal Accounts


Q: I have recently been suspended from eBay, can I get back on?

A: Yes! With our help you can get back online and selling in no time, we will supply you with the account and a guide to ensure you do not face any problems. We also offer a 60 day free replacement so if the account faces any problems we will replace that account for free and find out the cause so it doesn’t happen again.


Q: Do you give ongoing support?

A: Yes, all of our accounts come with ongoing support, even after the first 60 days.


Q: What happens after I buy an account?

A: After you buy either our eBay and PayPal Account, PayPal Only Account or eBay Only Account,  you will be emailed your password to the email address you supplied when placing the order, your guide will be automatically uploaded to My Account > Downloads and then shortly after we will upload account details and confirm via email


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept either PayPal or all major Credit or Debit cards.


Q: What should I do after receiving the guide?

A: If you have bought an account from use and currently waiting for the account information to be uploaded, you should read through the whole guide and implement step 1 before opening or operating your new account


Q: What should I do about the eBay returns Address?

A: You can add any returns address to eBay or offer free return postal labels in every item.


Q: How do I attach a bank account to my Stealth PayPal Account?

A: You can attach any new or unused bank account with your new PayPal account, the guide you get free with any account will explain which ones works best.


Q: I bought an account but now it’s limited, what should I do?

A: If you have bought an account from us which has been limited within the first 60 days, get in touch with us and we will replace the account for free and find out the cause so it doesn’t happen again. If the account is older than 60 days, unfortunately, we cannot replace the account for free. We would advise reading over the guide again.



VCC (Virtual Credit Cards)


Q: What Happens After I Buy A VCC?

A: If you have uploaded all the details needed to create the VCC we will make the card and upload it to your account ‘Downloads’, if you missed some information needed to create your VCC we will email you for the information.


Q: I Have Entered The Wrong Information Can I Change it?

A: If you have entered the wrong information and notice it straight away, please email us at info@stealthbuy.co.uk with your order number and the information you would like changed, we cannot guarantee that it can be changed if the process has already started.


Q: How Do I Get The Verification Code?

A: Once you have been given the VCC details you will have 48 hours to request to code, once requested we will either email you the code or upload the code to your account ‘Downloads’. Please request the code HERE.


Q: Can I top up the VCC?

A: No, all our VCC are only used to verify the account address and name.


Q: Can I use the VCC more than once?

A: No, our VCC can only be used once.


Q: What Does The VCC Verify?

A: The VCC verifies most sites that need address verification, but the VCC can be used anywhere online.


We hope this has answered any of your questions, but if you still need help either talk to us on Live Chat or Contact us HERE.