PayPal Account Limited

Why Is My PayPal Account Limited?

Late shipping your items (including dropshipping)

Late shipping / delivery is a major issue. Most eBay customers check the estimated transporting time of the items they purchase. Before they have even purchased they are expecting the delivery to be within the estimated times given.

For example, if the items description states that the item will be delivered in three days, but in fact, if it takes longer than this, it can cause customers to get frustrated. In many cases, it is out of control for the sellers as delivery companies can hit delays or you have to delay shipping to the customer as they have asked a question in the delivery note.

However, if this process takes a long longer than the customer expected, even a day or two they’ll be quick to complain or leave negative feedback.


Late tracking number upload


Online shoppers continuously need to understand the status of their order. Or they at a minimum need to understand that they can find out the status any time they want and fast. therefore, in eBay’s eyes sharing tracking numbers quickly is crucial.

eBay validates the tracking numbers and shares it with the customer, and this is often essential. Failure to submit tracking numbers quickly raises 2 flags. Either poor seller policies, or a failure to ship by a tracked service. Each is unacceptable by eBay even though many items are just too cheap to send via a tracked service. Convincing eBay otherwise is often a waste of time.

The items you sell

If you sell in ‘high risk’ categories like digital items, jewellery etc or branded items, eBay can quickly start tracking that account, if you then make any mistakes they would rather suspend the account than try and work with the seller to improve their business model on eBay.


This can become unfair to many eBay sellers that have either been on eBay making a living for many years or new sellers that wish to make a new living selling products as they don’t normally offer any warnings.

High transaction defect rate


Violating the defect rate metric is a quick way to getting your eBay account suspended. Sellers should address buyer communications and complaints extremely quickly, with understanding and apologetic replies.

However, sometimes it can be extremely hard to please all customers or you might be the sole owner of the company and suddenly taken ill or you can have a number of issues to address in your business which all take you off the customer service side of the business which could then lead into many different issues with your eBay account that is almost impossible to fix.


eBay can suspend the account or put soft holds on your selling abilities, all seriously affect your income.

What happens when a PayPal account is Limited?


The first step from eBay is a message from eBay, stating you of your account suspension (no pre-warnings). eBay in many situations won’t detail the reasons, violations or evidence they have based their decisions on. Even if they do, the suspension might not make sense to you.

The suspension message may sometimes if you are lucky include a recommended action you can take, and the terms of the suspension.

Suspension terms are usually either:

7, 10 or 30 days in duration, or
Indefinite, with a total loss of privileges (this is the most common suspension)

You will be unable to operate your account for the specified period of time or at all.

Can I still use PayPal after an indefinite Limitation?


We would always first recommend contacting PayPal to see if the account can be recovered, find out what has caused the problem and explain how you will do things differently, but most of the people we speak to, unfortunately, don’t have much success when it comes to getting their accounts un-limited.


Don’t lose hope just yet there are ways for you to continue using PayPal and we too have been in the same position as you are now, we feel the pain and the stress you are going through and want to let you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


So, what is the solution and how quickly can I get back on PayPal…?

Get back on PayPal after being Limited with a stealth account

PayPal account limited why is PayPal account limited can you help with PayPal account limited? Please I need help with PayPal account limited

You are probably thinking what is a stealth account and how does a stealth account help me after I have been suspended?

Stealth accounts work just like your existing account that has been suspended, but with one difference, they use different information to your own, for example, we create accounts using random information that is not linked to anyone. This means the stealth account is not using your information and no one else’s and therefore you won’t be linked to your old account.

You may have already tried to open a new account but face the same issue of that account being suspended.

With a stealth account, you will still be able to use the account just like before, you may need to attach a new bank account to a PayPal that has not been used before, but you can normally open a new bank account with your current bank online within a few minutes (saver accounts also work) – please don’t worry, we will explain more about this later.

You might be asking yourself a few different questions, like how would I deal with returns if the address is different?

There are three different ways that you can deal with returns, for example, you could include a returns label within each item you sell.

We do include a very detailed guide with every account that explains in depth how to deal with different things like returns, but you will find that in most cases it won’t affect your operations.

You might be thinking what about my PayPal account, it hasn’t been suspended (it might have also) do I need to replace that as well?

We would always recommend replacing both the eBay and PayPal account as we could not be able to guarantee that adding an existing account would cause issues in the future, but many of our customers have done so without any problems and we also include a section in the guide which explains the best way to add an existing account.

Most of our customers decide to purchase the eBay and PayPal account online with either an eBay only or PayPal only to attach to their existing account so they can have a backup – backup accounts are highly recommended to ensure these issues do not happen again, but you won’t need to worry about that straight away.

What do you receive with the stealth account?

  • A ready to sell eBay account that has already been created for you (we would recommend following the guide for selling on the account),
  • Account details used to create the account in an Excel file (you don’t need excel to view),
  • An easy to follow step by step guide to get you started and to ensure you do not face any problems,
  • Starting limits on the eBay account with 1,000 items / £10,000 per month selling allowance which will increase over time depending on your sales, history, seller ratings, feedback, returns etc,
  • 60-day free replacement guarantee so if the account faces any problems that we are unable to resolve we will replace that account for free and find out the cause so it doesn’t happen again,
  • Our on-going support even after the first 60 days.

There are a number of ways to withdraw funds from your PayPal account, the best method is to simply attach a bank account that has not been associated with another PayPal account, for withdraws. Any bank account that has not been associated with a PayPal account is fine.

  • Bank account withdraws (Best Method): The best way to withdraw funds is to attach any bank account that has not already been associated with PayPal and then withdraw the funds in accordance with our guide’s instructions.
  • Purchasing Bitcoin: Customer who do not have access to a local bank account, you’re able to exchange your PayPal funds for Bitcoin using services such as, or other similar services. We do not offer support for this method of withdrawing funds.
  • Paypal Transfer: We do NOT recommend transferring funds between multiple PayPal accounts (including your own PayPal accounts). Transferring funds from one PayPal account to another will eventually link all accounts together and cause your PayPal accounts to become limited.

Here’s what we offer with our eBay accounts…

We offer accounts after the eBay account suspended, you can rely on us to help with the eBay account suspended. Learn how to get back online after your eBay account suspended.


All our accounts are made with years of experience and tried and tested methods, so you can relax while knowing your new account isn’t going to have problems, as long as you follow the stealth guide provided free of charge with each account.


We aim to deliver all accounts instantly after purchase but depending on how you choose to pay please allow a maximum of 24 hours (excluding weekends).


We don’t want you to worry about your new eBay account or waste your money, so if your account(s) face any problems within 60 days we either resolve the issue or we will replace that account for free regardless of the cause!

We care for our customers and give unrivalled customer service, plus 60-day guarantee on all of our accounts!

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our customers say.

PayPal Account Limited

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I Purchased an eBay and Paypal account…

I Purchased an eBay and Paypal account and all is working perfectly. The Guide is easy to use, but, essential! After reaching my Paypal EU limit, Stealthbuy sorted everything out, and I can now continue to keep on selling.
The service is great.

This is a Trustpilot review and can be viewed here 

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One stop shop!!

Totally transparent! Speedy communication, even sorted a issue in speedy time ( NOT there fault !)
Will be buying from them again!

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Excellent price and service!

Excellent price and service!

I didn’t follow their guide accurately at first leading to a suspension of my first account, but they were patient, helped me find the cause of the problem and even replaced my suspended account FREE OF CHARGE. You won’t get that anywhere else. I highly recommend them.

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10 Star *

Honest support team and help with every order. Genuine people. Worth every penny to be fair

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This company saved my business!

This company saved my business!

Unfortunately, I was ill and unable to keep up with my sales, eBay didn’t understand that I was going through a rough time and decided to close my account and part ways after many years of successful business together and thousands of positive feedback which meant that I was left without a solid income.

After some research and stressful nights I came across Stealth Buy, asked many questions and decided to give it a go, I am so glad I did!

You received a very detailed guide and account straight away and they are happy to answer any question you may have normally within an hour or two.

I have since future proofed by business by buying several accounts and although it will take a little time to get back to where I was, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and making a comfortable living again.

Thank you!

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Best Company Support!

First company I found, at first I was skeptical but after purchasing they’ve been nothing but transparent! Any time I ask a question I get a response in <2 hours max in available hours. They also shipped the sim first class which I received the next day 🙂

The website is very easy to use and user friendly, and I would definetly recommend going to this site for your accounts.

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Great service

Used this service to get back on paypal for 2 months now. They’re very compliant and legit. Their response is typically under an hour to email. Would recommend if you’re in need of an account. Comes with all the information you need plus extras. Great company.

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If I could give 6* I would!

Firstly, an incredible service offered but what I have been most impressed with is the quality of the customer service offered. Emails are normally answered within a couple of hours and recently minutes after I ran into a problem! Thanks so much for getting us back up and running!

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This system is amazing..they put me …

This system is amazing..they put me back on track within hours… Costumer service work’s really well..
Gonna buy again and again and again..
With this system you gonna be selling stuff for all your life..

This is a Trustpilot review and can be viewed here 

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Excellent Customer Service

Best service out there.
Customer service is second to none.
I had issue at the start and they sorted it straight away, and answer every email within a few hours, certainly will be coming back here.

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Great service and fast support

Great service and fast support.

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Top Buy

Exellent Purchase. Have already made the return on my investment. Its good to know that I am able to sell on mutiple platforms. Highly recommend. Trustworthy

This is a Trustpilot review and can be viewed here 


If you want to a PayPal account from us it comes with the following;

  • The guide and the account information is delivered instantly after payment
  • Email, AVS VCC, phone number and address confirmed
  • Personal/premium PayPal account
  • 60-day replacement guarantee (if the account gets limited we will replace free of charge)
  • eBay/PayPal stealth guide Worth £29.99

If you want a PayPal account take a look >

Because the PayPal account limited What should I do about paypal account limited? PayPal account limited. Please help with my PayPal Account limited.

  • PayPal Account


    Our prices can not be matched!

    • The guide and the account information is delivered instantly after payment
    • Email, AVS VCC, phone number and address confirmed
    • Personal/premium PayPal account
    • 60-day replacement guarantee (if the account gets limited we will replace free of charge)
    • eBay/PayPal stealth guide Worth £29.99

    If you have any questions please visit our FAQ Page or get in touch.

  • eBay and PayPal Account

    Sale! £199.99 £189.99

    Our prices can not be matched!

    We are only offering this account to bulk buyers and resellers, you can make a request here

    • 1 listing placed and finished to ensure no suspension*
    • Your eBay and PayPal account will be delivered instantly
    • 1,000/£10,000 monthly limits
    • Email, AVS VCC, phone number and address verified and confirmed
    • Business seller eBay account and personal/premium PayPal account
    • 30-day replacement guarantee (if the account gets limited we will replace the account free of charge)
    • eBay and PayPal stealth guide that will explain how to link a bank account, change IP address and much much more Worth £39.99
    • Managed payments will come into force in the UK, however, we can’t offer direct assistance for this and it might not work for everyone – ONLY PURCHASE IF YOU UNDERSTAND AND ARE HAPPY WITH THIS. 


    If you have any questions please visit our FAQ Page or get in touch.


Or why not purchase our eBay and PayPal Account package for total peace of mind?

Get in touch with us, we love helping!

PayPal Account Limited why PayPal account limited can you help with paypal account limited? is there anything I can do not to get my PayPal account limited

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