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Device Set Up


Start fresh, get a new computer/laptop/tablet/mobile (this is the only option if you only use a mobile or tablet): If you’re having trouble understanding what cookies are, what an IP address is or how to create a new user on your computer then this option might be best for you. Be sure to read all the options before deciding which is best for you as you might find that you are capable of doing some of the other options.

You will need to purchase a new computer, luckily now most laptops and tablets are very cheap. You should also use our Firefox Portable browser with your new computer, but if you prefer to use a different browser we do list a few options in the next steps so please ensure you read everything fully.

When using a new computer ensure you set everything up brand new including a new Windows/Apple/Android account as this will ensure no data is transferred from your old computer, tablet or mobile.

If you have chosen this option please proceed to the next step.

Option 2 – Future Proof Your Accounts (Very Advanced)

This option is mainly for those that want to run several accounts at once or want to ensure you have future proofed your setup.

We are going to take you through the setups of setting up a Virtual Machine on your computer, it won’t really matter if you use a new user account or use your old one (some people like to keep everything organised and within each user account or you can have them all on the same user and up and running at the same time – if you have several accounts).

We have included a link below which will be able to assist you better…


Option 3 – New User Account (Slightly Advanced)

First, we will look at creating a new user on your current computer/laptop, to do so, please follow the instructions below…


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